Meet Our Team

Lisa Paladino Petersen


Director of Sales

Lisa began her wellness journey as a Fitness Together client which gives her great perspective. After achieving excellent results she decided to partner with her trainer Steve to open their first studio. With BCWE she has found a passion with helping wellness professionals to understand the needs and concerns of their clients so they can customize the perfect program for them. Her prospect to close percentage was tops in the system for years. 

Katie Warechowski


Chief Operations Officer

Katie has always had a passion for health and fitness as well as a drive to help people. She initially wanted to be a doctor, but knew that would take away time from the family she one day wanted to have. After many years of experience running a successful Fitness Together studio she developed a system that allows our BCWE employees to achieve operational excellence while maximizing client results and creating consistency across the brand

Mike Warechowski


Vice President of Operations

Raised on junk food and candy, Mike struggled with his weight growing up. He wasn't educated on how to eat the right way until he began teaching himself in college. After realizing he could help to educate other people he became a certified personal trainer and began running a Fitness Together studio. His studio has always ranked the highest in client retention. Mike ensures that our employees are executing our systems

Stephen Kopshaw


Chief Financial Officer

Stephen chose English as a second language because his first one is Numbers. He fell into a wellness career purely on accident. While training for a career as a firefighter he took a job at a local gym where he found his true passion - personal training. He realized that the majority of wellness professionals lack a basic understanding of their performance numbers, such as what goes into their pricing, what they should pay their employees, etc. 

Aaron Forinash


Director of Client Care

Growing up an athlete, Aaron pursued a degree in Exercise Physiology & Adult Fitness. After spending time in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs he joined a Fitness Together studio as a personal trainer and eventually worked his way through the ranks to become the general manager and eventual owner. He excels in collecting positive reviews and referrals from the clients in his studios. Additionally he can throw one heck of a Client Appreciation Party! 

Sean Sullivan


Chief Marketing Officer

After a successful career in competitive Irish Dancing where he consistently ranked top in the world, Sean understood the advantage of working with a personal trainer and eventually bought a Fitness Together studio. His father always held corporate marketing roles, so you could say it's in his blood. Sean consistently receives the most leads at his studios and many of them even come from networking events. He is well versed in traditional as well as digital marketing methods.