Mikey's Mission

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BCWE Team with Mikey after his parents received 2017 Fitness Together Franchise of the Year award

Most people get a lifetime with their children. Not two of our BCWE ownership members Katie and Mike Warechowski. Their only son, Michael, was born perfectly healthy,  hitting all his milestones: sitting, crawling, talking, laughing, counting. (“Count to 20, holy cow," Michael would say).  Full of energy,  snuggles and belly laughs, their little boy seemed like any other ...  until he still struggled to walk nearing his second birthday. After PT appointments, his parents were told there was nothing major to worry about. They were told wrong. On Katie's 30th birthday when Michael was almost 2, a blood test revealed that their precious son actually  has late infantile onset Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD), a severe, degenerative, fatal condition with a life expectancy of 5 years old -- sometimes stretching to 10 years old. Katie  and Mike were devestated to learn that within as short as six months, Michael would begin losing his abillities, including sitting up,  swallowing, seeing, hearing and, eventually, breathing.  

Michael Warechowski's Medical Fund

Because of Katie and Mike's amazing care and because Michael is one  heckuva fighter, Michael just celebrated his !!!! 8th birthday in  2017!!!! -- a milestone he was never supposed to hit. Katie and Mike  care for him around the clock -- a job they treasure. But, all of Michael's necessary medical care comes with a very high price tag, as most is not covered by insurance.  

Every  year, Mikey's medical bills climb well over $20,000. Hence this page.  Currently, Mikey's account is in the negative by $12,000. Would you please help us raise funds for this precious family? They have SO very  much on their plate -- we would love to at least remove crushing  financial burdens.

ANY gift will help and be so appreciated! And 100 percent raised will go directly to Mikey's medical fund.  

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